Good Food Lovers and Promoters Club

The club is a special program of the Fellowship of the Sip Restaurant and Tea House that aims to offer good food and beverage to those who love it and love to promote it.

The members of the club will be able to enjoy two parties each month, at one of the events we will be serving a full dinner and the second will be a food tasting of a variety of food and drink samples, alongside an additional program during each party, including wine tastings, live music, talks and presentations from chefs, producers and others, as well as lotteries, art exhibitions and more. 

We collaborate with good food producers, businesses, shops and other businesses to bring even more special offers to you. The members will also be invited to attend a yearly food fair for free, organized by this initiative, bringing activists of the food scene, like chefs, food producers, experts and educators offering discounts and special offers to the Good Food Lovers and Promoters Club Members.


Members will also receive a quarterly newsletter - Good Food News. 

The Good Food Lovers and Promoters Club also offers company memberships and discounts for businesses with special offers for hosting board meetings, business parties and events, special meetings etc, including food and drink program plus a special point of the program with other benefits available to regular members, like food fair free entry, Good Food newsletter, special discounts and more!


Dinner menu for the first official meeting

Friday, January 10th, 2020

Please share the event, tickets are only $10 for all this delicious food served during the event. If you would like to pay on the day, you can, but do not forget to book your spot, call, text or email us at (540)845-3543 or





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