Fellowship of the Sip Restaurant and Tea House is part of the Healens LLC, a family business which was established in 2016. The World of Healing storefront opened in Winchester in August 2017, at its current location, 33 South Loudoun Street, and the Fellowship of the Sip Restaurant and Tea House started its operation in November 2017. At the restaurant and tea house we bring together different culinary and nutritional traditions of a number of European countries, including Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Poland, which merge with America’s love for good, high quality, farm to table, freshly prepared food with high nutritional content and delicious taste.

Everything we serve to our clients we make ourselves from freshly sourced, high quality and also locally sourced ingredients that fulfil organic standards. Fellowship of the Sip Restaurant and Tea House offers homemade, from scratch and home-baked breads, cakes and pastries, scones, muffins, big variety of breakfast items, satisfying lunches and a special selection of dinners amongst many other treats. We also offer a special pre-order menu for private parties and events.

The tea house offers 22 varieties of gourmet, fair trade, organic, highest quality loose leaf teas served with a piece of exquisite organic dark chocolate or a small treat of choice included in the price. Variety of organic, superb coffee drinks, organic wines, crated beers, mineral water and more. With the beginning of the New Year, 2020, we will offer an expanded variety of teas, including herbalist prepared tea infusions and homemade herb infused drinks.

As a part of the business we also run a little store at the same location as the restaurant, where we offer our excellent loose leaf teas, high quality coffee, chocolate bars, Virginia made tea soaps, healing cards designed by a local artist and more. Coming at the beginning of next year further expanded variety of teas and coffees, fruit preserves, local honey, homemade local baked goods, essential oil perfumes, amongst others.





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